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SHFT » Accessories

YES - Anthony Burrill

30 postcards from Anthony Burrill bound together in this must have volume. Get it at THIS ISSUE…

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AK47 1:1

If you gotta play with guns, use paper ones!

A detailed paper model construction set of the AK-47


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New mimobot usb-sticks by Undoboy


Capacity: 2 GB

Designed by Undoboy, a member of the Spear Collective, Queen is one of the newest entries to the Artist Series ‘07. As comfortable at a fashion show as she is at the World Series of Poker, Queen comes preloaded with lots of digital goodies straight from the Spear Collective, and for a limited time, the all-new Mimozine digital magazine. The Mimozine features music by Art Brut, comedy by Poykpac, and a rare interview with toy bootlegger Sucklord.

Super Sunglasses - Super new styles, super colors…


Stop by THIS ISSUE and get Super’fied today!
See the new models here: Basic - Bicolore - Engraved & Prints - Flat Top

Friends With You - Wish Come True - mini figures.


Size: 7cm

Roll us and spin us and then you will hear,
The secrets of the universe soon become clear.
Now pick a number and hold your breath,
It’s time to take your very first step.
We will sing a song for you to help you make that
Wish Come True!

Notorious Friends With You come back with their Wish Come True toy collection.
These magical toys feature weighted bottoms and built-in bell chimes, giving them all a playful rocking motion and a subtle, soothing sound. The series features six primary characters - Coco, Fluffy Pop, Malfi, Buddy Chub, Popo and Mr. TTT - plus 3 bonus chase figures that have yet to be revealed.

Wish Come True is a new direction in Designer Toys, too - it features an beautiful, distinctive visual style, popular for adult collectors, but is also safe for kids 18 months and up, making it suitable for grown-ups and kids alike.

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Friends With You - The Boy


Size: 23cm

The Boy is a magical spirit, in many ways cooler than Caspar the friendly ghost. Take good care of him and his magic amulet and you will be in for some truly spellbinding and spiritualistic adventures.

His triangular nose and ringed mouth will leave distinctive images in your mind.

Friends With You - Meet the Malfis


Size 25 cm, the Malfi Family are always FriendsWithYou.

Super, Naked, Smiling or Original, the Malfis are all special because of their opposing talents; they can bring you great wealth or double your trouble. Good Luck!

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FriendsWithYou - Memory Pocket Friends - USB-stick 1GB


Specifications: 1 GB - Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Huzzah, all the FriendsWithYou are here! Now Malfi, Smiling Malfi, and Mr. TTT Rainbow join ultra-limited-edition Friends Buddy Chub and Mr. Phantom, completing the mimobot x FriendsWithYou series! Each comes preloaded with an exclusive interview with Sam and Tury of FriendsWithYou, and bonus content including the mimobot soundByte™ Application, desktop wallpapers, icons, and all music from the Cloud City Soundtrack CD. Get yours today, before they all become FriendsWithSomeoneElse!

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Available in sizes: eur 39-46.

If you dont have any shoes or desperately need some new ones, stop by THIS ISSUE and try on a pair of ALIFE - you might fall in love…

12-60 Sets Touch Twin Markers now available.


Bigger sets of Touch Twin Markers now available at THIS ISSUE.

We now offer you the choice between:
• 12 Set: 12 different basic colours in a stable plastic box. The Main set offers friendly, bright colours.
• 24 Set: 24 Selected and complementary colours presented in a stable plastik box.
• 36 Set: 36 harmonic colours for demanding work and complex colour transistions.
• 48 Set: Professional set with 48 colour markers for professional work and complex colour transistions. Delivered in a high quality case made of durable plastic.
• 60 Set A/B: For work at the highest level with perfect colourgradients. This set contains half of the Touch Twin Marker colours and so it is available in two different combinations. Delivered in a high quality case made of durable plastic.

Get a 10% student discount on the Touch Twin Markers with a valid student id.